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What Is DIG THAT GOLD? An Introduction to World’s First Mobile Game that Rewards Gamers with REAL GOLD BAR.

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Free – ‎iOS | REAL GOLD 24k BARS AWARDED in the new game sensation ‘Dig That Gold‘. Download now to join the digital gold rush in the most exciting gold mining game.

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Players’ Perspective

In short, the launching of this gold-mining game where the player is a gold miner who mines for gold nuggets. Once the player has mined enough gold nuggets, the player can bank it. Once the player has banked enough gold and has reached certain milestones within the game, they will be awarded with a real gold bar. Yes, actual 24 carat gold—delivered to your door globally via our partners within the gold industry.

This is a world-first where all of the game players are given the opportunity to be awarded real gold without having to spend any money to play the game. The game is expected to cause a marketing frenzy and huge excitement in the gaming world.

The name of the game is Dig That Gold, which has already been registered, trademarked and is available on the Appstore.

Investment Perspective

This will be through a franchise investment under which investor/franchisee will become the owner of one of these mining levels.

Investor mining level will be developed by Project M team, and will then have the freedom to name, design, manage and promote your level in whatever manner they choose.

This is a novel way of participating in the launch of the game. Full support will be made available via Project M support team along with online manuals and video tutorials on developer’s website.

Flexibility and freedom are of paramount importance to investors in this business. Anyone, anywhere, can own a mining level and become part of the game platform.

The key advantage of this investment over many others is that it can be managed from the comfort of your own home or office.

Official Website: https://www.digthatgold.com/

The greatest gold miner in the world. He found the very first gold nugget in the Great River and continues to find his fortune. Dig That Gold Pop Marshall & his sidekick, Dixie, are two main characters in this exciting new gaming apps that currently available at Appstore.

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The Game Developer: www.projectmstudio.com

The name of the game is Dig That Gold, which has already been trademarked and is available on the Appstore. International Franchise Association members, Project M are offering the world’s first mobile game franchise opportunity and are looking for individuals and companies to be part of a brand new game concept by owning what we call a ‘mining level’ within the game.










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