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One f the biggest footballers of his time, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has finally arrived at Old Trafford which is could mark the glittering career end of Swedish Great. At 35 (will be officially this coming 3rd October), few may have written themselves off but Zlatan seems fine and fit as ever. He said he came to win and those sort of mentality is the real psychological effects on his body with continued passion and drives.

His overall careers from the youth start at Malmo BI, FBK Balkan, & Malmo FF have taken him to host of great route of Ajax, Juventus, Internazionale,Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG, & NOW arguably the Biggest Football on Earth, Manchester United!

Three years since Sir Alexander Chapman “Alex” Ferguson CBS, three years of testing times, three years of souls searching for Manchester United overall. Surely the appointment of ‘the Special One’ Jose Mourinho confirmed the exciting times has coming back to Old Trafford.

What’s makes Zlatan signing is more significant and important is his leading role and big game mentality that has been missing and lack for the past three seasons. What Jose Mourinho did in his first few months after the appointment is reinstalled ‘big character’ in every position added with specific needs in those department. The reinforcement will not only see more stronger squads that will benefits the Club but the promising youngsters in the roster.

The charismatic Zlatan make everybody take their own memory back to Club’s all times great, Eric Pierre Cantona. He can be the ‘Catalyst’ that associated with the enigmatic Frenchman. As I wrote before, nevermind those ‘enigmas’ and all sort of accusations of not this and that, the important to revive an ailing Football Club and to be the Catalyst is much more bigger than anything.

If Zlatan can prove that credentials at Old Trafford, he will be remembered for the whole generations of United fans. If we take the manner of Robin van Persie short stays that almost single-handedly bring the last glory to Sir Alex CV, that’s enough to forever stamp his legendary status into Manchester United folklore.

Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, and others will only benefits from Zlatan signing as training ground close studying of his overall attributes will have the same impact like Laurent Blanc arrivals in early 2000s to those like Rio Ferdinand back then. As times will tell, early indications tell that his matured presence and his superb ability enough to make new season of 2016/2017 is one of the most eagerly waited in the recent times.

Impressive stats:

  • He’s box-office wherever he goes and already Zlatan Ibrahimovic has written his name into the Manchester United record books.
  • The 34-year-old joined the Red Devils on a free transfer on Friday and broke new ground during their medical tests.
  • Ibrahimovic jetted into Manchester on Friday, completing a medical at the club’s Aon Training Complex where he now tops their power records.

Read more at:

DailyMail/Sports/Football – Zlatan in Manchester United records books

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