Metallica music, part of my life – Metallica

Source: Metallica music, part of my life – Metallica

  • is a web page/blogs still under the constructions. The process is build up in motion, thoroughly under series of tests to meet the satisfaction and ultimate vision to serve variable purpose.
  • An official web for AFQM ENTERPRISE’S, a registered Sole-Proprietor based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The business set up is currently home-based. Rely on SEO and Social Media Network platforms, not only in advertising and marketing fronts, but also the aim engaging global audience.
  • Having said that, aspirations to reach, drive, keep the web traffic flowing to not only for its business purposes but also to grow the networking from those like-minded to those from various background and walk of life. Once is completely 100% created and furnished, further information and its activities will be shared throughout.
  • A timeless contents sharing according to the site’s  Categories and Tags focus, will reflect the overall life circles of the Enterprise. AFQM’s best effort to continuously attached to current global directions in its business pursuing.
  • The intention is to be accessed by the audience, public, affiliates,  and associates for obvious shares in term of profits and benefits personally and generally.
  • Through its social media mediums, blogs or contents links, the audience will be brought into introductions of its overall background, interest, social view, ideas, and its business dealing. Full audience knowledges of AFQM Enterprise is crucial to its future intake.
  • True to its value plus long-time interest on personal terms towards Manchester United, Metallica, history, reading, etc., this is the platform to connect on everything that associated with the subjects. Also fond of reading especially those related to those interest that took to series of books collection’s, mean sharing of ideas is there not only for like-minded but also for the naturalist.

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