PayPal: Latest Services Updates

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PayPal Refunded Returns Service


Studies reveal that 4 out of 5 online shoppers are more likely to spend if returns were free1. Customers who utilized the service tend to be more loyal, spending up to 3.5 times2 more at the same online store.

With PayPal Refunded Returns Service, you can help drive more sales by using our value-added service.

Valid from 1 January – 31 December 2016

  • This service is free for you to help boost your conversion rate. Your return process, however, will not be affected.
  • Your customers need to activate this service only once on to enjoy return shipping refunds.
  • The terms and conditions apply and may vary by country.

Applicable for customers from:

  • All Countries


Help increase conversion rates on your checkout page by giving your customers a seamless shopping experience. With One Touch™, your customers can snag the best deals on your site quickly without logging into their PayPal account. comScore study shows that PayPal online checkout conversion can go as high as 87.5%*. Delight your customers by introducing One Touch™ today.

  • It’s free to activate One Touch™
  • Enjoy faster checkout

*Study conducted in the US in Q4 2015 at 15 retail domains.

Applicable for customers from:

  • All Countries

Shop and Win Program


Drive revenue growth and website conversions with incentives funded by PayPal. These incentives help entice returning customers and activate passive ones to make purchases.

  • The campaign validity varies by country
  • Terms and conditions apply
Applicable for customers from: All Countries

Business Campaign


Are your clients business owners? Build trust and rapport by sharing with them a smarter and more effective way to open up their business to millions of customers globally.

Applicable for customers from:

  • All Countries




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