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Can You make money online? Absolutely! I have only been doing business online for a little under a year and within that time frame, I was able to create a solid business from home, from which I make a full-time income online.

The best part about all this, is that it will only grow bigger and bigger, and bigger as the days go by! Here is a beginner’s guide on how you too can create a successful business from home.

Step 1: Get Rid of the Negativity

Just so you know, you can definitely make money online and no it does not always have to be multilevel marketing either.

I know that there are literally thousands of scammers out there with worthless products, so please be aware of a couple of things, before you fall for another scam.

There is no push button secret to making money online. You will not get rich overnight. Making money online does require work.

It does not require you to spend thousands of dollars to make money online. If a program asks you to pay $2,000 for a program, do not give in. It is nothing more than another MLM in disguise, which will empty your bank account in no time.

It’s totally cool to be skeptical about anything online, but I want to let you know that there are legit ways to make money online and I will show you the absolute best way to do it.

Step 2: Find Your Market, AKA Your Target Audience

Too many people tend to get this backwards and this will do nothing but cause you to become stuck right off the bat.

When you start off with an online business, you want to find your niche. This is nothing more than a SPECIFIC group of people looking for something.

This approach will allow you to pass the thousands of people who fail almost immediately due to their lack of knowledge in this department.

To do this, you simply ask yourself, “what does this group of people want?”. You can do something like this, as this is how I found my first target audience.

-A group of people looking to lose weight
-A group of people looking to make money online
-A group of people looking to better their life

Although this is still too broad, at least you have a general idea of how you can find your market. You can break it down to “a group of people looking for kettle bell exercises”, which is how you would actually break down your niche.

You always want to start off by figuring out a problem people may have, but you still want to stay away from products, for the time being.

This was a big problem for me, and I know it is also a big problem for a lot of online marketers, so consider yourself lucky.

You see how I didn’t say anything about a product or products? It’s simply because most people choose a product and then they don’t know how to get this product out there because they were too busy worrying about what they want to put on their site.

Now that you have chosen your market (group of people), you can now figure out how to get them to your ultimate goal, which is of course to make money.

Step 3: Provide the Solution

This is the backbone of your business and the life of it depends on your solution to these problems, which would be done in the form of an article.

In this step, this is where you can put anything and everything that you want your customers to use, but there is always a right and wrong way to do things.

Can you imagine if you chose a GoPro to start your business off? You would immediately be stuck and have nothing else to talk about.

Now here’s how you would insert this little product into your solution, and yes there are millions of people “Googling” this type of stuff looking for a solution to their problem.

Problem: “How to choose the best underwater camera?”

Solution: Article on exactly how this is done, with a “recommendation” to an affiliate product of your choice, which of course would be that nice little GoPro that you wanted to start off with in the first place.

Pretty simple huh? Don’t be like the others that choose something specific and think that they’re going to succeed at online marketing, because you’re not.

Step 4: Create Your Foundation – A Website

Don’t let this scare you for one second. Trust me, I am no computer geek and I definitely am not the most computer literate dude, but I do make money online and I have created a couple of websites, to include this.

With technology on our side, owning a website is probably going to be the easiest part to the whole make money online process.

Not only is it going to take you under a minute to do, but you can also get one for free. There are sites like that offer completely free websites, no questions asked.

For popular choices, simply go to

Choosing a Domain Name

This is one thing people tend to do before they even understand what owning an online business is all about.

Rather than choosing a domain name based on a product, you now can start your selection with a better understanding on what market (not product) you are about to hit.

Unlike most people that focus on products, you can now build your business around a name that will cater to more than just one product.

I always suggest picking something you can brand, rather than focusing on a specific keyword, just so that you can always add other things to your website, which of course will make you more money.

Found your market? Now you can plug it into this handy tool to see if your domain name ( is available.

Step 5: Creating Content

This is another thing that might discourage most from creating a successful online business, but it is also going to be key to making more money.

I can promise you guys that I am not the best writer, but there is nothing a little practice can’t fix. Just like the oh so very cliche “practice makes perfect”, same thing applies to creating content.

You can always hire a writer, by using services like and They are fairly cheap, but just remember that you get what you pay for.

The concept of content is actually really simple. If you can make money with 1 article, imagine if you have 10 articles making you money. Content is key in this business.

Step 6: Getting Traffic

There is no bigger market than what you have right in front of you. You’re online and so is everyone and their mothers. Literally.

Without traffic, you will not make any sales. Simple as that. The thing about working online is that there are many ways that you can get traffic and a lot of it at that.

Creating content is the best way to get traffic,because not only is it really targeted, but it is absolutely free.

Don’t think that you’re going to get ranked in Google in your first week or month as an online marketer, because it most likely isn’t going to happen.

Give it a couple of months, and boy you will be in business. The best part about it, is that it will just keep growing, and growing and growing. You see where I’m going with this?

Paying for Traffic

You can always pay for traffic and this is a great way to make sales sooner. I don’t suggest you do this just yet, but remember that you can pay for traffic, which will put you in front of everyone else.

Once you get the hang of things, you will see how powerful some PPC (pay per click) can do for your business and how much money you can make with it.

Step 7: Making Money

Now that you have your site in place and a couple of articles on there, I think it’s time you can start looking into the money side of things.

Although this is the ultimate goal and what you set out for, but this is something that will only set you back if you focus on this step. Go through the whole process and this part will eventually come around.

With that being said, this is the step where you will make your money and is something that might amaze you.

I’m pretty sure you know someone who buys products from Amazon and Ebay, or you probably do it yourself. I know I do, and I’ve been doing it for years.

Imagine if you directed people from your article (the solution to their problem) straight to another site where they can purchase something that will fix their problem.

Now imagine if 10 people did this. The numbers are ridiculous, but knowing that you will get paid even if they bought something else on that site is even crazier.

The Power of Links

if you don’t know how sales are generated online, they mostly come through an article, which had a nice little link (usually blue words) that directed them to another site.

If this person came from your site that had your unique link in it, you will get a commission on the sale made. If it were from, you will get a commission from anything and everything they bought, which can add up to some crazy numbers. And this is just from one person!

It’s a very simple concept and it absolutely positively works. Do you think these banner ads are as effective as they used to be? Probably not.

These days, we’re so immune to them that we subconsciously block them out. Maybe back in 2005, they may have worked like a charm, but not so much these days.

Making That First Dollar

I remember when I made my first dollar online and how excited I was. To me, this opened me up to believing this whole online marketing works, but to others, that was nothing.

Trust me guys (and gals), I had to deal with the skeptics and it did nothing but push me to make more of these dollars.

From that dollar I went on to make my first $20 and then of course the numbers kept increasing.

It wasn’t until I made my first $1,000 until the people around me realized that this thing more than just works, but I still didn’t care what they thought.

Anyways, just like in step 1, do not let anyone tell you that everything online is nothing but a scam, because they are just too narrow minded to see the big picture.

Step 8: Invest in Your Future and Get Educated

I know you can absolutely find all the information about making money online and affiliate marketing on the web for free, but trust me, you will not make it if you think you can do this on your own.

I still believe that you need to invest money to make money, but you need to be careful with this one.

Like I said earlier, you DO NOT need to spend thousands of dollars to make money online, so don’t fall for these scammers trying to sign you up so that they can cash in on the thousands you just invested.

There are not many place where you can learn how to do this, without leaving anything out, but I always recommend certain programs called the Wealthy Affiliate, & Affilorama. Go to ClickBank and join them with added value of ClickBank University 2.0 also the best option available.

Here you can expect to get

(Although it is varies from one to another)

-1 on 1 support
-Access to millionaires in the industry (I hope to be there soon)
-A free trial (no credit card needed)
-Support 24/7
-Access to a wonderful community of online marketers
-Access to the owners of the program
-There are other programs out there, but none are as complete as this one, so give it a shot    and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Mission Complete

There you have it folks. A complete guide to making money online. I hope this helps you to become a successful online marketer, so that someday you too can kick that 9-5 to the curb and work from home full-time, just like me!



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