Ever Heard of Mr Therien Great Brainchild?

Facebook: Mr Therien Great Announcement

So you see this is exactly why he started a new fan page. The one thing he know, and what big corporate companies do not understand is that social networking is about following PEOPLE not COMPANIES.

In other words, people don’t want to follow the company as much as they want to follow and hear from the people that run the company like the CEO, the CTO, the CFO etc…

So here is what you need to do right now:

Like the new fan page here

Visit and Like Joel’s FB Page Now!

Now, when they launch you will be able to share or send anyone to the fan page and get credit for the sale!

Now.. They have not launched this yet so please do not panic. Joel always give customers and affiliates ample time to prepare!!

They are just a few short days off now.. and Joel will keep you informed if you connect to his FB page for sure.

Imagine, over a billion people now know, love and trust Facebook. They are just going to tap into that trust to make you a massive amount of money!!


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