Eric Pierre Cantona, simply the Greatest.

+ the CATALYST of Manchester United Returned to Stardom… At the time even Gazza dared to turn down Man Utd.   

   – <Catalyst> a unique meaning with huge referring to one of huge influencers in Club fortune. Above all, never mind the much debated “Cantona Enigma” in European Games. Imperfect, critics may have said.  But throughout the world, nobody is perfect. Perfection is only and truly one of characters that defined our Almighty Creator and HIS Absolute Right.

# Sir Alex’s Rare but Legendary Overall Approach of Le King in Good, Bad, & Ugly Moments

£ A Real Steal of All Era at 1.2 Millions

$ Nike Rise as Top Sports Wear Brands Worlwide Owe Cantona Big Time

@ Free Soul On Off the Field… When Seagulls Follow the Trawler; the rest is history

! The Huge Presence during English Football Transition & Transformation for Global Popularity and Standing

The Manchester United Years

The unique characters of Eric Cantona and Sir Alex Ferguson that a marriage of Winners from totally different brought up. It turn out to be the much needed special ingredients between two Leaders but in different dimensions. One is a loyal hard grafted worker with one-off legendary managerial superiority and extraordinary longevity at the top. 

Another one is free spirit Leader, a free soul attacker at last found his “spiritual home of football” that leading from up front and huge presence has become a rare commodity nowadays. He brings the dimensional technicality with rare art and skills ability not only Sir Alex & Manchester United needed but also the newly established Premier League. It is turned out to be the much needed antidotes to cure and put to bed the synonymous “route one football” attached football identity.

English football at times in much needed up start and resurgence from their all time low of 5 years ban in Europe. Five years is enough for one-time troubled and misunderstood fella that “Cantona 7” has become famous in global world football without sign of waning regardless any era in the past, present, or foreseeable futures.

NEXT YEAR 2017… 1997 Eric last ever season in Professional football stages. 20 years milestones since his last professional season. “Ooh Aah Cantona” & “The King” Live Long and Hailed all over the Continents. Long May it continue….. 


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