Anti Sinusitis Bath Oils


PINASH OILS. Malaysia Official Lab’s tested Anti Sinusitis Bath Oils. Produce from Selected Herbs, Metal-Free Natural Savor with Mutual Reciprocal and Appropriate for all Ages, Genders & Ancestry.

Analysis by the TPM ( Technology Park Malaysia ) to confirm that the products produced from Pinash Oil ( Anti Shower Oil Sinus ) is FREE of heavy metals as per described.

Based on above Official Lab Test that was carried out just recently, Pinash Oil is safe for the use by all ages .

Below are the effectiveness of using Pinash Oil : –
+Better sense of smell.
+Migraine ( headache ) eases.
+The sense of sights ( eyes ) improving better and more focused .
+Sneeze on each morning begin to diminish and disappear .
+Helps to ease unpleasant smelly nose and breath symptoms.

How to use Pinash Oil : –
+Apply / smear into the scalp , leave half an hour and wash with warm water . +Shampoo through the hair as usual .
+Use 2 to 3 times a week.

Price per bottle: RM60.00
+Price does not include postal charges.

Rates in World’s Leading Currencies (less postal charges):
(at time of writing / publishing; as per Google Currencies Converter)

*prices may vary from time to time according to current changes in future exchange rates.IMG-20160612-WA0006


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