the UK’s #1 news portal


As AFQM Enterprise current favourite web portals since hooked up few years back, is the UK’s first and leading home-grown and independent news aggregation service. It is AFQM’s preferred when it comes for world-is-not-enough contents from back-dated, recent, and current or latest news of Manchester United which is the favourite since 1987 at the age of 7. Fully-automated, and on a continuous basis, NewsNow displays breaking headlines linking to news websites all around the world.

The mission, as per stated clearly in their web portals, to help provide people with links to the news they need to read, and publishers with people to read the news they write.

Launched in 1998 with fewer than ten sources, today NewsNow links to tens of thousands of publications, from top news brands to alternative news sources — all on a single platform.

They operate thanks to its unique filing engine, which matches breaking news articles in real time against our thousands of carefully crafted keyword-based topic specifications — delivering relevant links to users, and relevant readers to publishers, in seconds.

The website, which is among the UK’s top news destinations, is generally visited by over 14M unique monthly visitors and receives in excess of 120 million page views per month.

NewsNow uses a search function and a list of colour-coded, pre-built topics (or categories) to allow users to find desired content. The site also provides the option to search topics, and saves up to 10 of one’s most-viewed topics. The site also offers a full-text searching service to subscribers (non-subscribers are limited to headline searches for words or phrases). News articles clicked on by users are displayed in a pop up window, or a new tab. If the user enters a particular category NewsNow gathers as many articles as possible on the category and then displays them in chronological order. Beside each news line, a flag icon is shown to represent the country of origin of the publication, which tells the reader at a glance from which part of the globe the news derives. Any user can highlight or hide all headlines of a particular news source by clicking on the name of the news provider.


  • Hot Topics – This category is on the top of the homepage for popular breaking news, and creates new categories for important global events.
  • Current Affairs
  • World News – This category contains articles which affect a large proportion of the planet, these are usually major issues such as international summits or natural catastrophes.
  • Business and Finance – This category contains articles on more or less anything money related, it includes major information on developments in the major companies as well as stock information.
  • Science – This category contains articles from the scientific world, includes important research publications, new theories, etc.
  • Technology – This category contains articles to do with technology, includes reviews of new devices, anything related to technology, for example business information about a microchip manufacturer.
  • Sport – This category contains articles of recent news in sports, also supports live scores which will allow the user to see the score of a match as it is happening in real life.
  • Life & Style – This category contains articles to do with fashion, general points in life, etc.
  • Arts & Entertainment – This category contains articles on films, theatre, music, games, etc.

NewsNow searches over 33,000 sources from all over the world in real time. adds approximately 100 new sources every day, which are located by a dedicated research time. It searches through articles in 20 different languages in 141 different countries. In contrast to more conventional news feeds, these sources include reputable blogs and electronic journals. Users are given the option to exclude blogs from newsfeeds if so desired. NewsNow does not host or create any of the supplied articles. It searches through all the major news providers, as well as blogs, scientific and electronic journals.

NewsNow has around 2 million pages indexed with Yahoo! and Google. It has a 20% market share making it the second largest news aggregation site on the internet second only to Google News. According to data from Hitwise, as of 22 August 2009, NewsNow accounted for almost 20% of visits to news aggregators in the UK.


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